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tea tree


      n   any of various myrtaceous trees of the genus Leptospermum, of Australia and New Zealand, that yield an oil used as an antiseptic  
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      n   a New Zealand myrtaceous tree, Leptospermum scoparium, with strong elastic wood and aromatic leaves,   (Also called)    tea tree         

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1    any large woody perennial plant with a distinct trunk giving rise to branches or leaves at some distance from the ground  
   Related adj       arboreal  
2    any plant that resembles this but has a trunk not made of wood, such as a palm tree  
3    a wooden post, bar, etc.  
4       See       family tree       shoetree       saddletree  
5      (Chem)   a treelike crystal growth; dendrite  
a    a branching diagrammatic representation of something, such as the grammatical structure of a sentence  
b    (as modifier)  
a tree diagram     
7       an archaic word for       gallows  
8    Archaic   the cross on which Christ was crucified  
9    at the top of the tree   in the highest position of a profession, etc.  
10    up a tree     (U.S. and Canadian)  
informal   in a difficult situation; trapped or stumped  
      vb   , trees, treeing, treed   tr  
11    to drive or force up a tree  
12    to shape or stretch (a shoe) on a shoetree  
     (Old English treo; related to Old Frisian, Old Norse tre, Old Saxon trio, Gothic triu, Greek doru wood, drus tree)  
  treeless      adj  
  treelessness      n  
  treelike      adj  

bay tree  
      n      another name for       bay   4       1  
bean tree  
      n   any of various trees having beanlike pods, such as the catalpa and carob  
big tree  
      n   a giant Californian coniferous tree, Sequoiadendron giganteum, with a wide tapering trunk and thick spongy bark: family Taxodiaceae. It often reaches a height of 90 metres,   (Also called)    giant sequoia      See also       sequoia  
Bodhi Tree  
      n   the sacred peepul at Buddh Gaya under which Gautama Siddhartha attained enlightenment and became the Buddha  
     (Sanskrit bodhi enlightenment)  
boot tree  
1    a shoetree for a boot, often having supports to stretch the leg of the boot  
2    a last for making boots  
bo tree  
      n      another name for the       peepul  
     (C19: from Sinhalese, from Pali bodhitaru tree of wisdom, from Sanskrit bodhi wisdom, awakening; see Bodhisattva)  
bottle tree  
      n   any of several Australian sterculiaceous trees of the genus Sterculia (or Brachychiton) that have a bottle-shaped swollen trunk  
cabbage tree  
      n   a tree, Cordyline australis, of New Zealand having a tall branchless trunk and a palmlike top,   (Also called)    ti  
camphor tree  
1    a lauraceous evergreen E Asian tree, Cinnamomum camphora, whose aromatic wood yields camphor  
2    any similar tree, such as the dipterocarpaceous tree Dryobalanops aromatica of Borneo  
      n      another name for       wax myrtle  
chaste tree  
      n   a small ornamental verbenaceous tree, Vitex agnus-castus, of S Europe and SW Asia, with spikes of pale blue flowers  
China tree  
      n      another name for       chinaberry       1  
Christmas tree  
1    an evergreen tree or an imitation of one, decorated as part of Christmas celebrations  
2      (Also called)    Christmas bush     (Austral)   any of various trees or shrubs flowering at Christmas and used for decoration  
coffee tree  
1    any of several rubiaceous trees of the genus Coffea, esp. C. arabica, the seeds of which are used in the preparation of the beverage coffee  
2       short for       Kentucky coffee tree  
coral tree  
      n     (Austral)   any of various thorny trees of the papilionaceous genus Erythrina, having bright red flowers and reddish shiny seeds  
cow tree  
      n   a South American moraceous tree, Brosimum galactodendron, producing latex used as a substitute for milk  
cucumber tree  
1    any of several American trees or shrubs of the genus Magnolia, esp. M. acuminata, of E and central North America, having cup-shaped greenish flowers and cucumber-shaped fruits  
2    an E Asian tree, Averrhoa bilimbi, with edible fruits resembling small cucumbers: family Averrhoaceae  
   See also       carambola  
decision tree  
      n   a treelike diagram illustrating the choices available to a decision maker, each possible decision and its estimated outcome being shown as a separate branch of the tree  
dragon tree  
      n   a liliaceous tree, Dracaena draco, of the Canary Islands, having clusters of sword-shaped leaves at the tips of its branches: a source of dragon's blood  
family tree  
      n   a chart showing the genealogical relationships and lines of descent of a family,   (Also called)    genealogical tree  
fault tree  
      n   a diagram providing a model of the interactions between the components of a system when a failure occurs  
fever tree  
      n     (U.S)  
1    any of several trees that produce a febrifuge or tonic, esp. Pinckneya pubens, a rubiaceous tree of SE North America  
2    a tall mimosaceous swamp tree, Acacia xanthophloea, of southern Africa, with fragrant yellow flowers  
flame tree  
      n   any of various tropical trees with red or orange flowers, such as flame-of-the-forest  
fringe tree  
      n   either of two ornamental oleaceous shrubs or small trees of the genus Chionanthus, of North America and China, having clusters of white narrow-petalled flowers  
fruit tree  
      n   any tree that bears edible fruit  
gallows tree   , gallow tree  
      n      another name for       gallows       1  
genealogical tree  
      n      another name for a       family tree  
gingerbread tree  
      n   a W African rosaceous tree, Parinarium macrophyllum, with large mealy edible fruits (gingerbread plums): family Chrysobalanaceae  
grass tree  
1      (Also called)    blackboy   any liliaceous plant of the Australian genus Xanthorrhoea, having a woody stem, stiff grasslike leaves, and a spike of small white flowers. Some species produce fragrant resins  
   See also       acaroid gum  
2    any of several similar Australasian plants  
Joshua tree  
      n   a treelike desert yucca plant, Yucca brevifolia, of the southwestern U.S., with sword-shaped leaves and greenish-white flowers  
     (named after the prophet Joshua, alluding to the extended branches of the tree)  
Judas tree  
      n   small Eurasian leguminous tree, Cercis siliquastrum, with pinkish-purple flowers that bloom before the leaves appear: popularly thought to be the tree on which Judas hanged himself  
   See also       redbud  
Kentucky coffee tree  
      n   a North American leguminous tree, Gymnocladus dioica, whose seeds, in brown curved pulpy pods, were formerly used as a coffee substitute  
maidenhair tree  
      n      another name for       ginkgo  
marmalade tree  
      n   a tropical American sapotaceous tree, Calocarpum sapota, with durable wood: its fruit is used to make preserves,   (Also called)    mamey  
may tree  
      n      a Brit. name for       hawthorn  
ming tree  
      n   an artificial plant resembling a bonsai plant  
     (perhaps from Ming)  
pagoda tree  
      n   a Chinese leguminous tree, Sophora japonica, with ornamental white flowers and dark green foliage  
pepper tree  
      n   any of several evergreen anacardiaceous trees of the chiefly South American genus Schinus, esp. S. molle (also called: mastic tree), having yellowish-white flowers and bright red ornamental fruits  
plane tree   , plane  
      n   any tree of the genus Platanus, having ball-shaped heads of fruits and leaves with pointed lobes: family Platanaceae. The hybrid P.xhispanica (London plane) is frequently planted in towns,   (Also called)    platan  
     (C14 plane, from Old French, from Latin platanus, from Greek platanos, from platos wide, referring to the leaves)  
rain tree  
      n   a leguminous tree, Samanea saman, native to Central America and widely planted in the tropics for ornament. It has red-and-yellow feathery flowers and pinnate leaves whose leaflets close at the approach of rain  
rubber tree  
      n   a tropical American euphorbiaceous tree, Hevea brasiliensis, cultivated throughout the tropics, esp. in Malaya, for the latex of its stem, which is the major source of commercial rubber  
   See also       Pará rubber  
sandbox tree  
      n   a tropical American euphorbiaceous tree, Hura crepitans, having small woody seed capsules, which explode when ripe to scatter the seeds: formerly used to hold sand for blotting ink  
service tree  
1      (Also called)    sorb   a Eurasian rosaceous tree, Sorbus domestica, cultivated for its white flowers and brown edible apple-like fruits  
2    wild service tree   a similar and related Eurasian tree, Sorbus torminalis  
     (service, from Old English syrfe, from Vulgar Latin sorbea (unattested), from Latin sorbus sorb)  
silk-cotton tree  
      n   any of several tropical bombacaceous trees of the genus Ceiba, esp. Ceiba pentandra, having seeds covered with silky hairs from which kapok is obtained,   (Also called)    kapok tree  
smoke tree  
1    an anacardiaceous shrub, Cotinus coggygria, of S Europe and Asia, having clusters of yellowish feathery flowers  
2    a related tree, Cotinus americanus, of the southern U.S.  
     (C19: so named because of the similarity between its flower clusters and a cloud of smoke)  
snowball tree  
      n   any of several caprifoliaceous shrubs of the genus Viburnum, esp. V. opulus var. roseum, a sterile cultivated variety with spherical clusters of white or pinkish flowers  
snowdrop tree  
      n      another name for       silver bell  
sorrel tree  
      n   a deciduous ericaceous tree, Oxydendrum arboreum, of E North America, having deeply fissured bark, sour-tasting leaves, and small white flowers,   (Also called)    sourwood  
     (C17: so called because the bitter flavour of the leaves is reminiscent of sorrel)  
spindle tree  
      n   any of various shrubs or trees of the genus Euonymus, esp. E. europaeus, of Europe and W Asia, typically having red fruits and yielding a hard wood formerly used in making spindles: family Celastraceae  
strawberry tree  
      n   a S European evergreen tree, Arbutus unedo, having white or pink flowers and red strawberry-like berries  
   See also       arbutus  
tea tree  
      n   any of various myrtaceous trees of the genus Leptospermum, of Australia and New Zealand, that yield an oil used as an antiseptic  
toothache tree  
      n      another name for       prickly ash  
      n   Sir Herbert Beerbohm. 1853--1917, English actor and theatre manager; half-brother of Sir Max Beerbohm. He was noted for his lavish productions of Shakespeare  
      adj   denoting a cable television system in which all available programme channels are fed to each subscriber  
   Compare       switched-star  
tree creeper  
      n   any small songbird of the family Certhiidae of the N hemisphere, having a brown-and-white plumage and slender downward-curving bill. They creep up trees to feed on insects  
tree farm  
      n   an area of forest in which the growth of the trees is managed on a commercial basis  
tree fern  
      n   any of numerous large tropical ferns, mainly of the family Cyatheaceae, having a trunklike stem bearing fronds at the top  
tree frog  
1    any arboreal frog of the family Hylidae, chiefly of SE Asia, Australia, and America. They are strong jumpers and have long toes ending in adhesive discs, which assist in climbing  
2    any of various other arboreal frogs of different families  
tree heath  
      n      another name for       briar   1       1  
tree kangaroo  
      n   any of several arboreal kangaroos of the genus Dendrolagus, of New Guinea and N Australia, having hind and forelegs of a similar length and a long tail  
tree layer  
      n      See       layer       2  
tree line  
      n   the zone, at high altitudes or high latitudes, beyond which no trees grow. Trees growing between the timber line and the tree line are typically stunted  
tree mallow  
      n   a malvaceous treelike plant, Lavatera arborea, of rocky coastal areas of Europe and N Africa, having a woody stem, rounded leaves, and red-purple flowers  
tree of heaven  
      n      another name for       ailanthus  
tree of knowledge of good and evil  
      n     (Old Testament)   the tree in the Garden of Eden bearing the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate, thus incurring loss of primal innocence (Genesis 2:9; 3:2--7)  
tree of life  
1      (Old Testament)   a tree in the Garden of Eden, the fruit of which had the power of conferring eternal life (Genesis 2:9; 3:22)  
2      (New Testament)   a tree in the heavenly Jerusalem, for the healing of the nations (Revelation 22:2)  
tree ring  
      n      another name for       annual ring  
tree runner  
      n     (Austral)      another name for       sitella  
tree shrew  
      n   any of numerous small arboreal mammals of the family Tupaiidae and order Scandentia, of SE Asia, having large eyes and resembling squirrels  
tree snake  
      n   any of various slender arboreal colubrid snakes of the genera Chlorophis (green tree snakes), Chrysopelea (golden tree snakes), etc.  
tree sparrow  
1    a small European weaverbird, Passer montanus, similar to the house sparrow but having a brown head  
2    a small North American finch, Spizella arborea, having a reddish-brown head, grey underparts, and brown striped back and wings  
tree surgery  
      n   the treatment of damaged trees by filling cavities, applying braces, etc.  
  tree surgeon      n  
tree toad  
      n      a less common name for       tree frog  
tree tomato  
1    an arborescent shrub, Cyphomandra betacea or C. crassifolia, native to South America but widely cultivated, bearing red egg-shaped edible fruit: family Solanaceae  
2    the fruit of this plant,   (Also called)    tamarillo  
tulip tree  
1      (Also called)    tulip poplar, yellow poplar   a North American magnoliaceous forest tree, Liriodendron tulipifera, having tulip-shaped greenish-yellow flowers and long conelike fruits  
2    any of various other trees with tulip-shaped flowers, such as the magnolia  
turpentine tree  
1    a tropical African leguminous tree, Copaifera mopane, yielding a hard dark wood and a useful resin  
2    either of two Australian evergreen myrtaceous trees, Syncarpia lilli or S. glomulifera, that have durable wood and are sometimes planted as shade trees  
umbrella tree  
1    a North American magnolia, Magnolia tripetala, having long leaves clustered into an umbrella formation at the ends of the branches and unpleasant-smelling white flowers  
2      (Also called)    umbrella bush   any of various other trees or shrubs having leaves shaped like an umbrella or growing in an umbrella-like cluster  
varnish tree  
      n   any of various trees, such as the lacquer tree, yielding substances used to make varnish or lacquer  
wax tree  
      n   a Japanese anacardiaceous tree, Rhus succedanea, having white berries that yield wax  
wayfaring tree  
      n   a caprifoliaceous shrub, Viburnum lantana, of Europe and W Asia, having white flowers and berries that turn from red to black  

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family tree     
ancestry, extraction, genealogy, line, lineage, line of descent, pedigree, stemma, stirps  

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means a liquid is not clear: this tea's got bits in it, I don't like yogurt with bits in it
assez proche de l'idée de 'il y a à boire et à manger'
a round and sweet fruit with pale, orange-colored skin that comes from a tree of the same name
act of covering an object, such as a tree, house, or another structure with toilet paper
Syn.: TP'ing
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