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1       the plural of       tooth  
2    the most violent part  
the teeth of the gale     
3    the power to produce a desired effect  
that law has no teeth     
4    by the skin of one's teeth      See       skin       14  
5    get one's teeth into   to become engrossed in  
6    in the teeth of   in direct opposition to; against  
in the teeth of violent criticism he went ahead with his plan     
7    to the teeth   to the greatest possible degree  
armed to the teeth     
8    show one's teeth   to threaten, esp. in a defensive manner  

dragon's teeth  
      pl n  
1    Informal   concrete antitank obstacles protruding from the ground in rows: used in World War II  
2    sow dragon's teeth   to take some action that is intended to prevent strife or trouble but that actually brings it about  
     (sense 2 from the story of Cadmus)  
false teeth  
      pl n   a denture, esp. a removable complete set of artificial teeth for one or both jaws  
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