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a    a device, system, or process by which information can be transmitted over a distance, esp. using radio signals or coded electrical signals sent along a transmission line connected to a transmitting and a receiving instrument  
b    (as modifier)  
telegraph pole     
2    a message transmitted by such a device, system, or process; telegram  
3    to send a telegram to (a person or place); wire  
4    tr   to transmit or send by telegraph  
5    tr     (Boxing, informal)   to prepare to deliver (a punch) so obviously that one's opponent has ample time to avoid it  
6    tr   to give advance notice of (anything), esp. unintentionally  
7    tr     (Canadian)  
informal   to cast (votes) illegally by impersonating registered voters  
  telegrapher      n  

bush telegraph  
1    a means of communication between primitive peoples over large areas, as by drum beats  
2    a means of spreading rumour, gossip, etc.  
moccasin telegraph  
      n     (Canadian)  
informal   the transmission of rumour or secret information; the grapevine  
telegraph plant  
      n   a small tropical Asian leguminous shrub, Desmodium gyrans, having small leaflets that turn in various directions during the day and droop at night  
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1    tape machine     (Stock Exchange)   teleprinter, telex  
2    cable, radiogram, telegram, telex, wire     (informal)  
3    cable, send, telex, transmit, wire     (informal)  

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