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temperature gradient


      n   the rate of change in temperature in a given direction, esp. in altitude  
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1    the degree of hotness of a body, substance, or medium; a physical property related to the average kinetic energy of the atoms or molecules of a substance  
2    a measure of this degree of hotness, indicated on a scale that has one or more fixed reference points  
3    Informal   a body temperature in excess of the normal  
4    Archaic  
a    compromise  
b    temperament  
c    temperance  
     (C16 (originally: a mingling): from Latin temperatura proportion, from temperare to temper)  

absolute temperature  
      n      another name for       thermodynamic temperature  
colour temperature  
      n     (Physics)   the temperature of a black-body radiator at which it would emit radiation of the same chromaticity as the light under consideration  
critical temperature  
      n   the temperature of a substance in its critical state. A gas can only be liquefied by pressure alone at temperatures below its critical temperature  
International Practical Temperature Scale  
      n   a temperature scale adopted by international agreement in 1968 based on thermodynamic temperature and using experimental values to define 11 fixed points. The lowest is the triple point of an equilibrium mixture of orthohydrogen and parahydrogen (--259.34°C) and the highest the freezing point of gold (1064.43°C)  
room temperature  
      n   the normal temperature of a living room, usually taken as being around 20°C  
temperature gradient  
      n   the rate of change in temperature in a given direction, esp. in altitude  
temperature-humidity index  
      n   an index of the effect on human comfort of temperature and humidity levels, 65 being the highest comfortable level  
temperature inversion  
      n     (Meteorol)   an abnormal increase in temperature with height in the troposphere  
thermodynamic temperature  
      n   temperature defined in terms of the laws of thermodynamics and not in terms of the properties of any real material. It is usually expressed on the Kelvin scale,   (Also called)    absolute temperature  
transition temperature  
      n   the temperature at which a sudden change of physical properties occurs, such as a change of phase, crystalline structure, or conductivity  

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