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      n   pl   , -cies  
1    the temporary possession or holding by a tenant of lands or property owned by another  
2    the period of holding or occupying such property  
3    the period of holding office, a position, etc.  
4    property held or occupied by a tenant  

assured tenancy  
      n     (Brit)   an agreement between a government-approved body such as a housing association and a tenant for occupation of a newly-built house or flat at an agreed market rent, under which the tenant has security of tenure  
   Compare       regulated tenancy  
periodic tenancy  
      n     (Social welfare)   the letting of a dwelling for a repeated short term, as by the week, month, or quarter, with no end date  
regulated tenancy  
      n     (Social welfare)   (in Britain) the letting of a dwelling by a nonresident private landlord, usually at a registered fair rent, from which the landlord cannot evict the tenant without a possession order from a court  
   Compare       assured tenancy  
secure tenancy  
      n     (in Britain, Social welfare)   the letting of a dwelling by a nonprivate landlord, usually a local council or housing association, under an agreement that allows security of tenure, subletting, improvements made to the property by the tenant without consequent rent increase, and the right to buy the dwelling at a discount after three years' occupancy  
shorthold tenancy  
      n   (in Britain) the letting of a dwelling by a nonresident private landlord for a fixed term of between one and five years at a fair rent  
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1    holding, lease, occupancy, occupation, possession, renting, residence  
2    incumbency, period of office, tenure, time in office  

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