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1      (Music)  
a    the male voice intermediate between alto and baritone, having a range approximately from the B a ninth below middle C to the G a fifth above it  
b    a singer with such a voice  
c    a saxophone, horn, recorder, etc., intermediate in compass and size between the alto and baritone or bass  
d    (as modifier)  
a tenor sax     
2    general drift of thought; purpose  
to follow the tenor of an argument     
a    (in early polyphonic music) the part singing the melody or the cantus firmus  
b    (in four-part harmony) the second lowest part lying directly above the bass  
4      (Change-ringing)  
a    the heaviest and lowest-pitched bell in a ring  
b    (as modifier)  
a tenor bell     
5    a settled course of progress  
6    Archaic   general tendency  
7      (Finance)   the time required for a bill of exchange or promissory note to become due for payment  
8      (Law)  
a    the exact words of a deed, etc., as distinct from their effect  
b    an exact copy or transcript  
     (C13 (originally: general meaning or sense): from Old French tenour, from Latin tenor a continuous holding to a course, from tenere to hold; musical sense via Italian tenore, referring to the voice part that was continuous, that is, to which the melody was assigned)  
   tenorless             adj  
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