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1    when intr, often foll by: in or with   to form, be, or put an end (to); conclude  
to terminate a pregnancy, their relationship terminated amicably     
2    tr   to connect (suitable circuitry) to the end of an electrical transmission line to absorb the energy and avoid reflections  
3    intr     (Maths)   (of a decimal expansion) to have only a finite number of digits  
     (C16: from Latin terminatus limited, from terminare to set boundaries, from terminus end)  
  terminative      adj  
  terminatory      adj  
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abort, axe     (informal)   belay     (Nautical)   bring or come to an end, cease, close, complete, conclude, cut off, discontinue, end, expire, finish, issue, lapse, pull the plug on     (informal)   put an end to, result, run out, stop, wind up  
   begin, commence, inaugurate, initiate, instigate, introduce, open, start  

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