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      n   (in legal contexts) earth or land  
     (from Latin)  

terra alba  
1    a white finely powdered form of gypsum, used to make paints, paper, etc.  
2    any of various other white earthy substances, such as kaolin, pipeclay, and magnesia  
     (from Latin, literally: white earth)  
terra firma  
      n   the solid earth; firm ground  
     (C17: from Latin)  
terra incognita     (Latin)  
      n   an unexplored or unknown land, region, or area for study  
terra sigillata  
1    a reddish-brown clayey earth found on the Aegean island of Lemnos: formerly used as an astringent and in the making of earthenware pottery  
2    any similar earth resembling this  
3    earthenware pottery made from this or a similar earth, esp. Samian ware  
     (from Latin: sealed earth)  
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