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1    a horizontal flat area of ground, often one of a series in a slope  
a    a row of houses, usually identical and having common dividing walls, or the street onto which they face  
b    (cap. when part of a street name)  
Grosvenor Terrace     
3    a paved area alongside a building, serving partly as a garden  
4    a balcony or patio  
5    the flat roof of a house built in a Spanish or Oriental style  
6    a flat area bounded by a short steep slope formed by the down-cutting of a river or by erosion  
7    usually pl  
a    unroofed tiers around a football pitch on which the spectators stand  
b    the spectators themselves  
8    tr   to make into or provide with a terrace or terraces  
     (C16: from Old French terrasse, from Old Provençal terrassa pile of earth, from terra earth, from Latin)  
  terraceless      adj  
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