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1    great fear, panic, or dread  
2    a person or thing that inspires great dread  
3    Informal   a troublesome person or thing, esp. a child  
4    terrorism  
     (C14: from Old French terreur, from Latin terror, from terrere to frighten; related to Greek trein to run away in terror)  
  terrorful      adj  
  terrorless      adj  

Reign of Terror  
      n   the period of Jacobin rule during the French Revolution, during which thousands of people were executed for treason (Oct. 1793--July 1794)  
terror-stricken   , terror-struck  
      adj   in a state of terror  
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1    alarm, anxiety, awe, consternation, dismay, dread, fear, fear and trembling, fright, horror, intimidation, panic, shock  
2    bogeyman, bugbear, devil, fiend, monster, scourge  

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