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thermal barrier


      n   an obstacle to flight at very high speeds as a result of the heating effect of air friction,   (Also called)    heat barrier  
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1      (Also)    thermic   of, relating to, caused by, or generating heat or increased temperature  
2    hot or warm  
thermal baths, thermal spring     
3    (of garments or fabrics) specially designed so as to have exceptional heat-retaining properties  
4      (Meteorol)   a column of rising air caused by local unequal heating of the land surface, and used by gliders and birds to gain height  
5    pl   thermal garments, esp. underclothes  
  thermally      adv  

British thermal unit  
      n   a unit of heat in the fps system equal to the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1°F. 1 British thermal unit is equivalent to 1055.06 joules or 251.997 calories,   (Abbrevs)    btu, BThU  
thermal barrier  
      n   an obstacle to flight at very high speeds as a result of the heating effect of air friction,   (Also called)    heat barrier  
thermal conductivity  
      n   a measure of the ability of a substance to conduct heat, determined by the rate of heat flow normally through an area in the substance divided by the area and by minus the component of the temperature gradient in the direction of flow: measured in watts per metre per kelvin.,   (Symbol)    λ   k     (Sometimes shortened to)    conductivity  
thermal efficiency  
      n   the ratio of the work done by a heat engine to the energy supplied to it  
   Compare       efficiency  
thermal equator  
      n   an imaginary line round the earth running through the point on each meridian with the highest average temperature. It lies mainly to the north because of the larger landmasses and therefore greater summer heating  
thermal neutrons  
      pl n   slow neutrons that are approximately in thermal equilibrium with a moderator. They have a distribution of speeds similar to that of the molecules of a gas at the temperature of the moderator. Data concerning nuclear interactions are often given for standard thermal neutrons of speed 2200 metres per second, which is approximately the most probable speed at normal laboratory temperatures  
thermal noise  
      n   electrical noise caused by thermal agitation of conducting electrons  
thermal printer  
      n     (Computing)      another name for       electrothermal printer  
thermal reactor  
      n   a nuclear reactor in which most of the fission is caused by thermal neutrons  
thermal shock  
      n   a fluctuation in temperature causing stress in a material. It often results in fracture, esp. in brittle materials such as ceramics  

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