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      n   an instrument used to measure temperature, esp. one in which a thin column of liquid, such as mercury, expands and contracts within a graduated sealed tube  
   See also       clinical thermometer       gas thermometer       resistance thermometer       thermocouple       pyrometer  

clinical thermometer  
      n   a finely calibrated thermometer for determining the temperature of the body, usually placed under the tongue or in the rectum  
dry-bulb thermometer  
      n   an ordinary thermometer used alongside a wet-bulb thermometer to obtain relative humidity  
   See also       psychrometer  
gas thermometer  
      n   a device for measuring temperature by observing the pressure of gas at a constant volume or the volume of a gas kept at a constant pressure  
maximum-minimum thermometer  
      n   a thermometer that records the highest and lowest temperatures since it was last set  
resistance thermometer  
      n   an accurate type of thermometer in which temperature is calculated from the resistance of a coil of wire (usually of platinum) or of a semiconductor placed at the point at which the temperature is to be measured  
wet-and-dry-bulb thermometer  
      n      another name for       psychrometer  
wet-bulb thermometer  
      n   a thermometer the bulb of which is covered by a moist muslin bag, used together with a dry-bulb thermometer to measure humidity  
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