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1    a fine strand, filament or fibre of some material  
2    a fine cord of twisted filaments, esp. of cotton, used in sewing, weaving, etc.  
3    any of the filaments of which a spider's web is made  
4    any fine line, stream, mark, or piece  
from the air, the path was a thread of white     
5    a helical groove in a cylindrical hole (female thread), formed by a tap or lathe tool, or a helical ridge on a cylindrical bar, rod, shank, etc. (male thread), formed by a die or lathe tool  
6    a very thin seam of coal or vein of ore  
7    something acting as the continuous link or theme of a whole  
the thread of the story     
8    the course of an individual's life believed in Greek mythology to be spun, measured, and cut by the Fates  
9    tr   to pass (thread, film, magnetic tape, etc.) through (something)  
to thread a needle, to thread cotton through a needle     
10    tr   to string on a thread  
she threaded the beads     
11    to make (one's way) through or over (something)  
12    tr   to produce a screw thread by cutting, rolling, tapping, or grinding  
13    tr   to pervade  
hysteria threaded his account     
14    intr   (of boiling syrup) to form a fine thread when poured from a spoon,   (See also)        threads  
     (Old English thræd; related to Old Frisian thred, Old High German drat, Old Norse thrathr thread)  
  threader      n  
  threadless      adj  
  threadlike      adj  

acme screw thread  
      n   a type of screw thread having inclined flat flanks and a flat top and bottom: used in machine tools  
British Association screw thread  
      n     (Engineering)   a system of screw sizes designated from 0 to 25. Now superseded by standard metric sizes,   (Abbrev)    BA  
British Standard brass thread  
      n     (Engineering)   a Whitworth screw thread having 26 threads per inch, used for thin-walled tubing and designated by the diameter of the tubing,   (Abbrev)    BSB  
British Standard fine thread  
      n     (Engineering)   a screw thread having a Whitworth profile but a finer pitch for a given diameter,   (Abbrev)    BSF  
British Standard pipe thread  
      n     (Engineering)   a screw thread of Whitworth profile used for piping and designated by the bore of the pipe,   (Abbrev)    BSP  
British Standard Whitworth thread  
      n      See       Whitworth screw thread     (Abbrev)    BSW  
buttress thread  
      n   a screw thread having one flank that is vertical while the other is inclined, and a flat top and bottom: used in machine tools and designed to withstand heavy thrust in one direction  
international screw thread  
      n     (Engineering)   a metric system for screw threads relating the pitch to the diameter  
screw thread  
      n   the helical ridge on a screw formed by a die or lathe tool  
Sellers screw thread  
      n   a thread form in a system of standard sizes proposed by Sellers in 1884 and later accepted as standard in the U.S.A., having a 60° flank angle with a flat top and foot  
     (named after William Sellers (1824--1905), US engineer)  
single thread  
      n     (Computing)   the execution of an entire task from beginning to end without interruption  
thread mark  
      n   a mark put into paper money to prevent counterfeiting, consisting of a pattern of silk fibres  
thread rolling  
      n     (Engineering)   the production of a screw thread by a rolling swaging process using hardened profiled rollers. Rolled threads are stronger than threads machined by a cutting tool  
unified screw thread  
      n   a screw thread system introduced for defence equipment (1939--44), in which the thread form and pitch were a compromise between British Standard Whitworth and American Standard Sellers: adopted by the International Standards Organization  
Whitworth screw thread  
      n   a thread form and system of standard sizes, proposed by Whitworth in 1841 and adopted as standard in the U.K., having a flank angle of 55° and a rounded top and foot  
     (named after Sir Joseph Whitworth (1803--87), English engineer)  
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1    cotton, fibre, filament, line, strand, string, yarn  
2    course, direction, drift, motif, plot, story line, strain, tenor, theme, train of thought  
3    ease, inch, loop, meander, pass, pick (one's way), squeeze through, string, wind  

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