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1    any one of the digits of the foot  
2    the corresponding part in other vertebrates  
3    the part of a shoe, sock, etc., covering the toes  
4    anything resembling a toe in shape or position  
5    the front part of the head of a golf club, hockey stick, etc.  
6    the lower bearing of a vertical shaft assembly  
7    the tip of a cam follower that engages the cam profile  
8    dip one's toe (or toes) in  
Informal   to begin doing or try something new or unfamiliar  
9    on one's toes   alert  
10    tread on someone's toes   to offend or insult a person, esp. by trespassing on his field of responsibility  
11    turn up one's toes  
Informal   to die  
12      (Austral)  
slang   speed  
a player with plenty of toe     
      vb   , toes, toeing, toed  
13    tr   to touch, kick, or mark with the toe  
14    tr     (Golf)   to strike (the ball) with the toe of the club  
15    tr   to drive (a nail, spike, etc.) obliquely  
16    intr   to walk with the toes pointing in a specified direction  
to toe inwards     
17    to conform to expected standards, attitudes, etc.  
     (Old English ta; related to Old Frisian tane, Old Norse ta, Old High German zeha, Latin digitus finger)  
  toelike      adj  

1    of or denoting a style of walking in which the heel of the front foot touches the ground before the toes of the rear one leave it  
2    intr   (esp. in motor racing) to use the heel and toe of the same foot to operate the brake and accelerator  
tick-tack-toe   , tick-tack-too  
      n      the usual U.S. and Canadian term for       noughts and crosses  
     (C19: from ticktack (meaning: an obsolete variety of backgammon))  
toe and heel  
      n   a technique used by racing drivers while changing gear on sharp bends, in which the brake is operated by the toe (or heel) of the right foot while the heel (or toe) simultaneously operates the accelerator  
toe crack  
      n     (Vet. science)   a sand crack occurring on the forepart of the hind foot of a horse  
Informal   causing feelings of acute embarrassment  
toe dance  
1    a dance performed on tiptoe  
2    intr     (Ballet)   to dance on pointes  
  toe dancer      n  
      n   a slight forward convergence given to the wheels of motor vehicles to improve steering and equalize tyre wear  
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