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Nuestro diccionario inglés-español en línea contiene miles de palabras y expresiones. Ofrece a la vez el contenido de los famosos diccionarios Collins y las traducciones añadidas por los usuarios. La riqueza y la estructura de nuestro diccionario le ayudan a elegir la palabra adecuada para comunicar en inglés o español.

Consulte las traducciones inglés-español de nuestro diccionario:

[account payee check - agrochemical] [AIBD - annual shareholders' meeting] [annualisation - BAFD]
[bailment - benevolent] [Bibor - brochure] [brokerage - capitalisation unit trust]
[capitalization sicav - checkout] [checkout time - commodity pool operator] [commodity trading advisor - contractor]
[contractual - court of inquiry] [court-martial - deferred share] [deferred shares - diminishing]
[diminishing return - doubtful] [Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 - Dow Jones Stoxxsm L&M index] [Dow Jones Stoxxsm L&M indices - employee rights]
[employee share ownership - escrow cost] [establishment - exchange restrictions] [exchange stabilization fund - figure]
[figures - foreign exchange coverage fee] [foreign exchange market - free risk yield] [free-enterprise economies - global equity market]
[go public - hard sell tactics] [haul - information technology] [infotainment programme - integral]
[investment company with fixed capital - job placement agencies] [job requirements - legislative] [lend - lost in shipment]
[lot - market-share weighted indices] [marketable - midcap firm] [mine - multi option financing facility]
[multi-option facility - non-voting share] [non-voting stock - open ended investment companies] [open ended investment company - overtime]
[overtrade - performance fee] [performing - prevention] [price earning ratio - profits]
[proforma - purchase and sale statement] [purchasing department - redemption] [reducing balance depreciation - retail distribution]
[retail price index - salesroom] [saleswoman - senior employees] [senior management staff - sole account holder]
[solvent - stock exchange automated quotation system] [stock exchange listing - substitute] [substitution capital - teller]
[tenancy - traffic] [traffic toll - underwrite a share issue] [underwriter - unit trust company]
[unitary load device - void] [volume - wife's personal property] [wildcat - zoning-rule]
[account portfolio - actors' union] [agri-food - audit trail] [auditable - behalf]
[belfox - boss] [botchery - capitation tax] [car dealer - cheque-book]
[chief accountant - community property] [company commander - councilwomen] [counsel for the defense - customising]
[customizable - DBMS] [DCF - demutualise] [demutualization - display stand]
[display window - eligible currencies] [eligible currency - estate agent] [estate duties - executive summaries]
[executive summary - firing] [firm order - free on truck] [free port - gross receipt]
[gross sale - housing market] [housing shortage - infant food] [inflate - IPO]
[IRR - l/c] [labor agreement - legal bodies] [legal body - letterhead]
[letters patent - maritime company] [maritime law - merging] [metric ton - national income]
[nationalisation - notice of damage] [notification - opening hours] [opening inventory - overvalue]
[overvaluing - paying agent] [paying-in slip - portfolio asset] [portfolio bill - price support]
[price tag - property damage] [property developer - quay dues] [quayage - registering]
[registration fee - revaluating] [revaluation loss - salesforce] [salesgirl - sell off]
[sell out - shopping cart] [shopping center - social security office] [social service - stickiness]
[stipend - subrogate] [subrogated - tariff exemption] [tariff heading - term bond]
[term delivery - trained] [traineeship - unhonor] [unhonour - visa card]
[visible trade - wholesale store] [wholesale trade - zero-coupon securities] [zero-coupon security - zip code]